We believe that everyone who calls RFA Church home needs a family they can grow in; a place where everybody knows their name. The best place for this to happen is in one of our RFA Groups that meet in locations all over the Triangle. Our Groups exist to “build up Spirit-filled agents of local and global transformation that they may be sent out.”
Mt. 28:19-20, Acts 2:42-47
An RFA Group is quite simply a gathering of a small group of people for the purpose of growing in their walk with Christ. These three things occur during our group meetings:
A time of fellowship
A time of Bible discussion
A time of prayer
Gospel-Centered Community
Groups are the primary place to experience spiritual growth and transformation. Watch the following testimonies of how RFA Groups has impacted and changed the lives of some of our church family.
Leading an RFA Group is a great next step in your spiritual formation. Leading a small group is not only a big step for you personally, it is also a key role in the life of the RFA Church. Because it is such a big deal, we want to do everything possible to equip you to lead well. If you are interested in planting a new small group or assuming a leadership role in your current group, we’d love to begin that dialogue with you.
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